Light bulbs that turn on at the time you choose, thermostats that regulate the temperature based on your habits or alarms that notify you if you have left a window open. Home automation provides comfort, helps save energy and makes the home a safer place. Some homes include home automation elements as standard. However, if this is not your case, do not worry because you can make your home smart. Is easier than it looks like. In addition, it is possible to find proposals for all pockets. What you need to know is that these products and devices incorporate the smart tag because they haveRead More →

In that post we will know how to use Elementor, a WordPress plugin that allow us to create a web page without writing code in a very visual and graphic way. When you start using Elementor to edit a page, there is no loss. We just have to add a new page and we will see a huge blue button with the legend Edit with Elementor. Pressing the button will take us to a new window where the entire graphic interface will change. We can see a sidebar with a multitude of elements (widgets) and a central part where these elements can be added. InRead More →

Although science and technology have made incredible advances in the last two centuries, the teleportation has not yet been possible. Many of us dream of being able to be anywhere in the world in the time that we can click our fingers. Portal installation make this possible without traveling and allow us to know different places and cultures. Knowing and empathizing without limits of space and time would be totally beneficial to generate a feeling of unity and globality that we have totally forgotten due to our circumstances, our social contexts and our tendency to self-centeredness. This is how Portal was born, an interactive installationRead More →

In every web project sooner or later, icons are used. The icons can represent the typical facebook, instagram, youtube… as well as the typical images that we end up seeing everywhere. In this post we will see how we can implement them on our websites. Fontawesome is a repository of icons, some paid and some free. Updated and quality images of well-known brands, emoticons… Fontawesome and other icon repositories help us save time in the implementation of our web project. There are also other examples of alternatives that offer icons such as: glyphicons  (the bootstrap included library) ionicons octicons In the case of ourRead More →

Understanding the meaning and composition of HTML tags is one of the first steps for any professional who aspires to become a web developer or engineer. In this post we will know what is an HTML tag and some examples of them. HTML is a markup language, which means that it is written in code that a person can read without having to compile it first. In other words, the text on a webpage is “marked” with these codes to instruct the web browser on how to display the text. These markup tags are the HTML tags themselves. Tags anatomy When you write code inRead More →

This professional ensures that the interaction between people and digital products is optimal. UX refers to all those aspects related to the interaction with the user (regardless of the device), and includes not only the design but also the visual aspect, the quality of the content, the factors related to emotions, feelings that build brand , as well as its reliability. The profile of the UX expert A UX designer has to be curious, analytical and adaptable to change. Is a professional that has to be interested in understanding problems, in finding out why and how to solve them. These are also key characteristics ofRead More →

The best code editors don’t just let you edit files, they help you find and fix bugs and make it possible for you to customize just about anything you want. Next, we have a selection of the best. 1. Visual Studio Code Free, stable, very robust and good working speed are some of the main features of Visual Studio Code, the code editor developed for Windows although it also works with Mac. Especially recommended for large and complex projects. 2. Sublime Text Is a valid code editor for Mac, Windows and Linux and is one of the most complete text editors that exist. Its easeRead More →