What is a framework and why is usfeul A framework is a work scheme generally used by programmers to carry out software development. Using a framework allows you to smooth development processes as it avoids having to write code every time and ensures good practices and code consistency. A framework is a set of tools and modules that can be reused for various projects. One of the most well-known and used frameworks is Microsoft’s Framework for websites. There are a lot of advantages of using framework for software development: Programmer saves time since he already has the skeleton which to develop an application. It facilitatesRead More →

Before showing you the 5 best javascript frameworks, I am going to explain to you along with an example what they are Think of building websites and web apps like building a house. When you set out to build a house, you could create all of your own building materials from scratch and start building without any schematics, but that approach would be incredibly time consuming and doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s more likely that you would purchase pre-manufactured building materials (wood, bricks, countertops, etc.) and then assemble them based on a blueprint to fit your specific needs. Coding is very similar. WhenRead More →