Why our website works smoothly, pages have to load quickly. To get this we have to have all images with the minimum possible weight keeping a good quality. We can use two ways to compress images, even if we use both, we will have better compression: 1) Photoshop: When we have an image for our website we have to import it into Photoshop, then export it in the “save for web” option. The ideal format that we have to choose is jpg (50%) in images without transparency and png 8 bits in images with transparency. 2) TinyPNG:  It is a free online service that givesRead More →

Here I will show you 5 websites to design your websites: 1.Wix: Wix is an online platform that permits the users to create webpages with html technologies. In this webpage you can create webpages free or paying it depends of you. The big advantage of this website is that you can design your web without having a big knowledge of html language. 2. Site 123: Site 123 is a free website builder that permits you to create your own website without needing the help of a professional programmer. This website has a tutorial that will teach you during the process of creating your website. YouRead More →

The process of designing and developing a web page is a complicated task that it can often lead to headaches. Especially, if once finalised, we upload it to the Internet and it does not go out to the search engines being forgotten. This is due to the SEO.   Whatis SEO? SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engines results. But how we can do it, to increase the traffic in our website? Let’s take a look at it.   How SEO works? Any search engine we use has a crawlerRead More →

  Evolution of SEO We all know that SEO exists, and we know it’s an important part of business. But we don’t spend time thinking about its origins. That’s why I’m going to explain a bit the origins and evolution of SEO. The first search engine appeared in the 1990, but there weren’t any positioning. As search engines became more mainstream and widely used, site owners started to get wise. It was discovered that by taking some rather simple actions, search engine results could be manipulated and money could be made from the internet. Those results, though, weren’t exactly quality ones. And that is whereRead More →

Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are two different concepts and it is important to understand the difference between them. These two strategies are very useful if you own a website (a blog, online shop, youtube channel, a social network profile…) and you need some help to throw your project out there and get views. SEO, search engine optimization: we can quickly define it as organic positioning. Part of the SEO takes place within our own website, using an optimization of the web itself through keywords. Another very important part is done outside of our website through social networks, blogs and more. WhenRead More →