5 websites to design your own website

Here I will show you 5 websites to design your websites:


Wix is an online platform that permits the users to create webpages with html technologies. In this webpage you can create webpages free or paying it depends of you. The big advantage of this website is that you can design your web without having a big knowledge of html language.

2. Site 123:

Site 123 is a free website builder that permits you to create your own website without needing the help of a professional programmer. This website has a tutorial that will teach you during the process of creating your website. You can also update your webpage at anytime to publish new information. Finally, in this website you can find SEO tools that can help to positionate better your website.


Simplesite is a website builder that permits you to create a professional website, in this website you can modify some aspects like: design, backgrounds, colours, custom domain names, virtual shop, contact page, photos, videos, maps and e-mail address. You can also access to your website at any device. This website is had been made to be user-friendly, being easy to use and having good results.


Web is a website builder that gives all you need to be successful online. It gives you a hosting, a domain, a blog and an Email to lunch your business website with all the essentials. It also has some tools that are easy to use and permit you customize your website and some SEO tools that will help you to attract more customers. Finally, the best thing that these website offers is that you have unlimited access to a website coach.

5.Big Commerce

Big Commerce is a website builder that permits a company make his own website, that means that this website is oriented to business, so the principal use of it is tom make an online shop.

These website permits you to customize the design of the web, to manage shopping and payment, to use some marqueting features to improve and grow you’re business and finally to add your products on amazon, eBay and Facebook. This website isn’t free it has three offers with different prices, the low cost one that is named “Standard”, the middle once named “Plus” and the hight cost named “pro”. All these offers are month subscriptions.

Hope these five websites help you to create your perfect website.

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