Lately you have been very busy, and your teammate have asked you for a video call, but you don’t know which platform you can use. Here you have 3 video call platforms! Zoom Zoom is a proprietary videotelephony software program, that with a free plan allows connecting up to 100 concurrent participants, with a 40-minute time restriction. Let you chat with others, share screen or record! Meet Google Meet is a video-communication service developed by Google. It lets you share screen, invite until 500 people and with their new update there are instant subtitles to get in contact with everyone! Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams isRead More →

The favicon is the icon or symbol that will accompany your URL in browsers. The main function of this small image is to help you more easily identify a certain URL.It will depend on the device or browser you use, but as a general rule it appears in the browser tabs, in the navigation bar, in the history or in the bookmarks and favorites sections. How does a favicon have to be? Easily identifiable: use a reduced version of your logo, the colors of your corporate image or any other element associated with your website or brand. Simplicity: do not complicate yourself with the design.Read More →

These last days you have been trying to study for your exams, but it’s an impossible mission because you end with your phone each time? Don’t worry about that because here you have 3 apps that can help you to get focus more easily. Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks This app is an easy-to-use time and task management application (for pc, phone, Apple Watch and Chrome extension) that helps you to manage tasks with Pomodoro Technique. It has historical statistics to analyse the work time and the completion of the tasks, due dates, reminders, notes… Plantie– Stay focused This app helps you with time management andRead More →

Interactive Video games An interactive Video game it’s a video game or film where one or more viewers can interact with the scene and influence the events that unfold in the film. That creates a different story for every user that plays that game with multiple routes. 3 Interactive Games You Should Play! Life is Strange Life is Strange is an episodic graphic adventure video game that was developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. This is one of the best interactive games, first the graphics that have their own style very cozy and realistic, at the same time there is the amazingRead More →

The New York subway has installed touch screens in the corridors of different stations for users to interact with. It will be possible to plan an itinerary, get last-minute information on delays and incidents, or view advertisements with these devices. Touch screen and wi-fi devices in underground transportation systems will greatly improve the way we move. The classic subway plan that we can find in all stations will be replaced by an interactive one that will help us move more intelligently. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority is offering “On The Go!” Service, which has installed at least 90 touch screens in subway stations. EachRead More →

User experience is the process that leads a user to interact with a product. This includes the feelings you have before, during and after interacting with a digital product, this is totally subjective and is based on the perception of each person. The user experience includes many other aspects: usability, visual hierarchy, accessibility… which will improve the UX of the digital product or service as a whole, making a better experience for users. Instead, when we talk about user interface (UI) we talk about the process of creating interfaces on devices paying special attention to appearance and style of the digital platform, involves all theRead More →

Animated Murals The INSA company has been developing an incredibly beautiful art mural GIFs. They have created an agumented reality app named “GIF-ITI Viewer” where you will be able to watch their artworks moving around the streets when you are stand still in front of the wall. For the people which are not there, the company have upload some examples of their murals coming alive. Furthermore, this modality of graffity mixed with GIFs has been increased their popularity around other artists like an spanish artist named Cheko, who started with 16 years in graffity art and has develop their skills with GIF’s.Read More →

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and is a protocol – or a prescribed order and syntax for presenting information -, used to transfer data over a network. Most information sent over the Internet, including website content and API calls, uses the HTTP protocol. How does HTTP works? The operation of the protocol, as we have already mentioned, is executed between a client and a server located somewhere in the world. Step by step, HTTP works like this: It all starts when we enter the browser and look for a web page, for example The browser understands that we are making an HTTP request.Read More →

Branding can be critically important when consumers decide whether to make a purchase, use a service, apply for employment, or sign up for a newsletter. While the perception of a brand cannot be strictly controlled, it can certainly be influenced by its User Interface and User Experience. Almost every aspect of a digital interface can influence the representation of an organization’s brand identity or “personality”, including: Visual design: how the UI looks Content design: how the UI is structured. Interaction design: how the UI feels Making changes in interaction design with an eye towards brand impact can be challenging. This challenge has to do withRead More →

The metaverse is a concept from science fiction that describes a single fully virtual 3d world that users can connect to via the internet and interact with each other and the virtual world around them. The use of virtual reality and the metaverse changes completely how we will physically interact with these digital worlds. Anytime you watch someone with new technology the second the interaction becomes difficult to the user, feels like they are not in control and they will very quickly stop using it. Especially when the world looks and sounds so real that you are fully immersed the second you can’t do something youRead More →