ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service. It uses client-side encryption to protect email contents and user data before they are sent to ProtonMail servers, in contrast to other common email providers such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo. The service can be accessed through a webmail client, the Tor network or dedicated iOS and Android apps. But how is it work? First of all you have to go to their website and sign up for an account. Then you are in. Their free service has some restrictions, though. You only get 500 MB of storage and can only send 150 messages per day. If you upgradeRead More →

To understand what is the dark Web, you have two different concepts: Clearnet, Deep web, Dark web and Darknet. The easiest to understand is the Transparent Network, which is the Internet, which can be found in the pages found in Google and other search engines and those that can be accessed directly from them. ~ 90% of the content of the network is not accessible through search engines. That is a part of the Deep Web, which includes all the information that you can not access publicly. It may be conventional pages protected by a paywall, but also files stored in Dropbox, emails saved inRead More →

On Saturday just past a series of reports revealed a hard truth that puts one of the most popular social networks in the eye of a hurricane that does not stop growing. The scandal uncovered by Wylie puts Facebook as the one who leaked the data of at least 50 million profiles during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. A thesis that has been endorsed by various actors in this controversy and that leaves the social network as part of those responsible for the propagation of “fake news” or false content during this electoral process. According to the account of the former official of CambridgeRead More →

Everybody knows about the deep web and the dark web, but does everybody know the deep web really means?   The deep web is a portion part of the Internet, intentionally hidden from the search engines, with masked IP addresses and accessible only with a special web browser. The first conflation of the terms “deep web” came in 2009 when the deep web search terminology was discussed alongside illegal activities taking place on the Freenet darknet   To organise a bit all the net, it is divided on levels from 0 to 6: Level 0 is the “Surface Internet”, where the user can enter usingRead More →

Instagram is a big and social network that is constantly growing. For that reason, there are some people that are getting known all around the net due to their posts and they are called “influencers”. Most of them gain followers through time to time because of the quality or their content (independently of the thematic), but some of them use some tricks to make grow the amount of likes and followers quickly. But how do they do it?Read More →

Hi everybody! Nowadays in the information and internet world companies need now more than ever the work of a community manager who manages their social media. The community manager is in charge of creating, running and organizing all the online aspects of the company. It’s the one who gives the brand visibility, builds an interest to the point where it can achieve connections around the internet and social media platforms. It’s main functions are: -Create attractive content with good quality. -Run the company’s blog and it’s social media. -Know their target and the most active hours. -Monitor every publication. -Form an interest and create connectionsRead More →

What is P2P Network? A P2P network is the abbreviated form to say peer-to-peer network, these network is characterized by using a distributed architecture, that means that all the computers that are part of it and they share the workloads, so they became the nodes (“peers”) of the whole net. All the peers of the net are equal rated, so there is no central administration device, that means that they are clients and servers at the same time. We say that a peer-to-peer network is created when two or more computers are connected with each other and share information without passing through a separate serverRead More →

The so-called cloud computing is the use of the cloud for a variety of information services. In recent years, due to the emergence of fiber optic networks, cloud computing has been rapidly expanded, and the emergence of low-cost, large-capacity storage systems has made Cloud Storage widely used in daily life.Read More →

How to install a wordpress with MAMP? As we already know, WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) for the publication of blogs and websites on the Internet. That said, it seems a very complex and complicated manager, but following these 9 steps we can install and create as many wordpress as necessary and we want to be able to manage our content on the Internet.Read More →

What is Google? Take a look: As we all know, Google is a search engine that can be employed to find a variety of information such as websites, pictures, maps and more. Google uses a computer program called a ‘web crawler’ that looks at the billions of websites available on the World Wide Web and examines their content to find ‘keywords’. Then it indexes these to make the websites easier for the search engine to find. So… There’s a simple search box into which you can type your query. Answers are provided almost instantly. You can choose to search for websites, images, news, maps andRead More →