You are designing a website, and you are at moment where you have a lot of content to show. So you ask yourself, what is the best option? Infinite scroll or pagination? Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Next I will show you its characteristics to help you know what you have to use depending on your project. What is Infinite Scroll? Infinite scroll refers to being able to scroll through a window, generally downwards, without the need to interact with pagination and navigation elements.  Pros of Infinite Scroll Now that we have defined what infinite scrolling is and have a clearer idea ofRead More →

The New York subway has installed touch screens in the corridors of different stations for users to interact with. It will be possible to plan an itinerary, get last-minute information on delays and incidents, or view advertisements with these devices. Touch screen and wi-fi devices in underground transportation systems will greatly improve the way we move. The classic subway plan that we can find in all stations will be replaced by an interactive one that will help us move more intelligently. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority is offering “On The Go!” Service, which has installed at least 90 touch screens in subway stations. EachRead More →

Loop was created for the 2016 Luminothérapie, an art exhibit held annually in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles. Following its appearance at the festival, Loop spent the next two years touring cities in Canada and the United States, and even made a few stops in Europe. Finally, this project was held in Iowa City from July 9 to August 10, 2021. Two people can fit inside each of the 12 zoetropes, which feature a metal bar in the center. Users are invited to pump the bar and this will allow them to see hand-drawn animations come to life. The website explains that “the animated images, tintedRead More →

Smart mobility aims to improve the planning and efficiency of public transport, traffic management, the optimization of accessories and car parks, as well as the reduction of environmental impact. This is due to the fact that the traffic and mobility presents one of the biggest challenges affecting the largest cities in the world. The Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) was created in June 2011. Innovation, progress, and a commitment to create an open network to promote the economic, social and business progress of cities through innovation and knowledge, seconded in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and is currently consisting of 65 cities. Its aimRead More →

Artificial light has allowed us to see in the dark for some time now. We can now light up the houses where we live, our workspace, and of course the streets we pass through. This invention has made our lives easier and, as street lighting has become an essential in most of the world. Street lighting is now a staple of urban and rural infrastructure, creating a safe environment for both pedestrians and drivers, and making the use of public spaces more welcoming. At local and municipal level, public authorities are in charge of providing street lighting. This, however, represents a major cost for theRead More →

The main advantage of using prototypes in UX (user experience) is that they help to visually capture the business objectives and how they align with the expectations and needs of users, and thus be able to see if correspond to this satisfaction through the designed digital product. These can also be used in stages prior to the design, as in the case of tests with the corresponding users. The purpose of wireframes to design screens is to convey key concepts. It should be noted that it also has advantages for the customer. In other words, being able to make wireframes on paper helps the clientRead More →

This is about colors! Has it ever happend to you that you are trying to search for the best color combinations for your website but you have no inspiration to think about it? You have come to the right place! 🙂 In this article I will show you the best websites of color inspiration and I will add a free PSD template for your UI designs! Coolors Coolors is an incredible platform where you can automatically generate color palettes in just a few seconds. In the panel before the generation you can filter your ideas. In adittion, you can dowload their google chrome extensions thatRead More →

Are you lost? We will teach your to search for inspiration There are stages where you feel lost and you don’t have inspiration to start out a project. It is okey to feel like this, but I will give you some tips to get out of this zone and start working on it! Behance One of the most used plataforms to search for inspiration is Behance. Anyone can uplouad their projects and users can interact by comments, likes and shares. Not only that, but there is a weekly and monthly ranking where you can see the best projects from UI/UX design to photography. 2. DribbleRead More →

UX Tools to make your life easier! UX design tools focus on the user and how they’ll experience the content. These tools can help structure the information architecture, as well as how someone will flow through the website. After this short introduction, I will tell you my most used tools! Sketch Sketch is a very used app that saves a designer an incredible amount of time to create their prototypes. They have an inmense library of symbols, texts styles, layers, templates, alignment and resizing features. But that’s not all, they let you install third-party plugins! 2. FlowMapp When developing a user experience strategy, designers needRead More →

Tips to transform your bored website to modern and beautiful website! 1. Rounded Corners It’s a good and very easy way to create a modern website by adding rounded corners to your squares. 2. Drop Shadow The second way to improve the look of your website is adding a shadow on your forms. A quick tip from the creator of this post is to make a soft shadow 😉 3. Gradient Colors One of the most famous trends that started on 2020 was to create a gradient background. There are plenty of website where you can search for the best color combinations. I will giveRead More →