Xupuxp blog is a virtual space to learn Interactive Design content, such as user experience, user interfaces, programming languages, net-art, platforms, content managements systems…┬áto help Multimedia Technologies students from EU ERAM to enhance their practical and theoretica skills.


The main aim of this blog is to empower students to find theoretical and practical content about Interactive Design and Development. Students will be prosumers: content producers and consumers.


  1. Search for a topic related to Interactive Design. You could check post categories
  2. Read created post related to your topic to not duplicate information.
  3. Write the post using usability skills
    1. Use of headings, lists and paragraphs
    2. Use bold and emphasis to highlight
    3. Use images to help to understant content
    4. Write short paragraphs to separate content
  4. Upload Featured image
  5. Write a good title (defining content)
  6. Once you finish your post, ask to your team members to check content and give some feedback.