Lately you have been very busy, and your teammate have asked you for a video call, but you don’t know which platform you can use. Here you have 3 video call platforms! Zoom Zoom is a proprietary videotelephony software program, that with a free plan allows connecting up to 100 concurrent participants, with a 40-minute time restriction. Let you chat with others, share screen or record! Meet Google Meet is a video-communication service developed by Google. It lets you share screen, invite until 500 people and with their new update there are instant subtitles to get in contact with everyone! Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams isRead More →

These last days you have been trying to study for your exams, but it’s an impossible mission because you end with your phone each time? Don’t worry about that because here you have 3 apps that can help you to get focus more easily. Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks This app is an easy-to-use time and task management application (for pc, phone, Apple Watch and Chrome extension) that helps you to manage tasks with Pomodoro Technique. It has historical statistics to analyse the work time and the completion of the tasks, due dates, reminders, notes… Plantie– Stay focused This app helps you with time management andRead More →

Smart mobility aims to improve the planning and efficiency of public transport, traffic management, the optimization of accessories and car parks, as well as the reduction of environmental impact. This is due to the fact that the traffic and mobility presents one of the biggest challenges affecting the largest cities in the world. The Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) was created in June 2011. Innovation, progress, and a commitment to create an open network to promote the economic, social and business progress of cities through innovation and knowledge, seconded in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and is currently consisting of 65 cities. Its aimRead More →

The use of dynamic maps and geolocation in interactive experiences is continually improving. Right now there are many JavaScript Libraries available to help us to create dynamic maps and extend the functionality of the Google Maps APIs (and other data-set providers) with various customization options, check out the selection in Polymaps. You also have MapBox GL JS, which allows you to totally change the graphic style of your map, or you could integrate three.js into your maps using libraries such as Threebox. Take a look at 5 Inspirational Examples of Interactive Maps and Street View experiences in Web Design. 1.iMapa by CHYRKOV studio 2. ListeningRead More →

MailChimp the tool to make your mail subscription easier! Mailchimp for WordPress is a popular WordPress pluguin for creating a list of subscribers for your Mailchimp account. The free versions allows you to create a list of up to 2000 subscribers! Creating a subscription form with this plugin is easy. This intuitive interface offers a lot of pre-designed fields. All you have to do is select the ones you want to display on the form, and ut wukk show you a preview of the form, although the code view is also very useful to reorganize the structure or modify the predefined texts. The free versionRead More →

Best plugin for your Ecommerce There are a more than 50,000 plugins for WordPress to help your bussines grow, but we have research the most useful and must-have plugin to use on your website! The number one plugin to sell your product/services on your wesite is WooCommerce. The leading ecommerce plugin transform your WordPress posts into a fully functional online store. There is infinite customizable tools to sell everything you need, from digital files, courses, NFT to physical products, cryptocurrencies, etc. It makes you easy to let clients review and rate the products. The best of all is that the functionality of WooCommerce is freeRead More →

Pros and Cons of using Elementor Pro on your WorPress Website Let’s check the pros and cons of using Elementor on your WordPress website! Pros of using Elementor It is a free pluguin! Most of the users can fully develop their sites witouth having to upgrade to the premium version. It have a very wide range of feature. The real time editor lets you make changes to your site and see what’s happening in real time, so you don’t have to go back to other screens. You can edit and view multiple versions of your site (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.) and let you make uniqueRead More →

Opera vs Chrome, wich browser is better? We are going to make a comparison between Opera and Chrome, two of the best browsers that we currently have avaliable on internet. Opera It may be the less know nof the two, but if something defines it, it is that it is the union between generations. It was born with all the improvements and advances that we have experienced over the years. It makes things so easy that the creators have decided to integrate an ad blocking extension without the need for you to add it. Some of the features that we will see below in moreRead More →

Creating, posting, and analyzing content across so many touchpoints can take an overwhelming amount of time. Unless, of course, you engage in some social media automation In this post we are talking about the use of social media automation tools that benefit marketers and the public alike. That means reducing time spent on repetitive tasks, decreasing turnaround time, and giving you the time and data you need to create more engaging content. But…What is Social media automation? Social media automation is the process of using software tools to reduce the amount of time spent on social media tasks that don’t require a human touch. ExamplesRead More →

·What is a community manager “The Community Manager is a digital marketing professional responsible for the management and development of the online community of a brand or company in the digital world.” ·What does a Community Manager do? The community manager has as main 5 functions: 1.- Creation and management of contents. 2.- Analytical. Monitoring of all parameters: engagement, community growth, ROI*, social web traffic … 3.-Communication with the community. Create audiences, humanize the brand and generate value. 4.- Planning of digital marketing actions. 5-Work and improve the visibility of the brand in the digital world. What will directly affect the digital visibility index andRead More →