These last days you have been trying to study for your exams, but it’s an impossible mission because you end with your phone each time? Don’t worry about that because here you have 3 apps that can help you to get focus more easily. Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks This app is an easy-to-use time and task management application (for pc, phone, Apple Watch and Chrome extension) that helps you to manage tasks with Pomodoro Technique. It has historical statistics to analyse the work time and the completion of the tasks, due dates, reminders, notes… Plantie– Stay focused This app helps you with time management andRead More →

What is Vero? In the world of social media platforms there are some big fish thats is at least risky to go against them. And yet a tiny platform called Vero has done it. Well, tey try it. All though Vero isn’t even a new thing. It has alreaddy three years. And yet, for one day to the other having a modest 150,000 downloads to nearly 3 million. Triggering everyone’s curiosity. Some of the strengths of the app: ·Vero app comes without ads ·Posts are showing up in a chronical way ·Everybody gets the same visibility and therefor the same chance to grow ·No adsRead More →