What is Vero? In the world of social media platforms there are some big fish thats is at least risky to go against them. And yet a tiny platform called Vero has done it. Well, tey try it. All though Vero isn’t even a new thing. It has alreaddy three years. And yet, for one day to the other having a modest 150,000 downloads to nearly 3 million. Triggering everyone’s curiosity. Some of the strengths of the app: ·Vero app comes without ads ·Posts are showing up in a chronical way ·Everybody gets the same visibility and therefor the same chance to grow ·No adsRead More →

Apple Music is the streaming music service from Apple, the direct and strongest competitor to Spotify. It  started a few years ago, taking a risk due to the high use of piracy. However, now it’s installed by default on every iPhone and iPad, this decision provides a certain competitive towards Spotify. Unlike Spotify, the free version of Apple Music isn’t as polished as it should be, but if you like music and don’t mind to paying to take away your advertising and enjoy all the options of Spotify, maybe you should also consider Apple Music. So, I’m going to compare both streaming services, pointing theirRead More →

In today’s World Internet is seen to be the greater generator of news, no matter the source, the veracity or accuracy of them nor the implications arisen. Internet is The Source –the encyclopaedia we all used to use– and Google, Yahoo, Yandex or Baidu the Professors. There is no more need to go to class, one can learn anything from home, anytime. The only risk, losing focus.Read More →

BE VISIBLE We are in a social media era, where the one that doesn’t have any social media it means it could not exist. Its a pretty extreme point but I’m sure you have thought about it more tan one time wen you where searching a name in Facebook and it does not appear. Having two accounts it could benefit you in many ways.   TRY YOUR PROFILE. PERSONAL VS PROFESSIONAL For example, you have one professional account in Instagram where you put photos of your project so at the end its just just work, so, nothing personal. Whit this account you can add allRead More →