Apple Music is the streaming music service from Apple, the direct and strongest competitor to Spotify. It  started a few years ago, taking a risk due to the high use of piracy. However, now it’s installed by default on every iPhone and iPad, this decision provides a certain competitive towards Spotify. Unlike Spotify, the free version of Apple Music isn’t as polished as it should be, but if you like music and don’t mind to paying to take away your advertising and enjoy all the options of Spotify, maybe you should also consider Apple Music. So, I’m going to compare both streaming services, pointing theirRead More →

·Pinterest or Instagram, which one to choose? Since they were created eight years ago, both have become two of the most popular social networks focused on photography. Nowadays more and more businesses contemplate the option of implementing it as a marketing and promotion strategies, especially thanks to the possibilities offered by these platforms in terms of storytelling and the increase of the audience through the use of high quality images of the product or the brand. One of the biggest differences between them is that Instagram has approximately 400 million users, almost four times more than the number of Pinterest. However, i’t doesn’t necessarily makesRead More →

It was more than a decade ago that one of the most famous social network and platform for sharing videos appeared on the Internet, YouTube. However, recently (more or less) a new broadcast medium has emerged to share our live gameplay, Twitch. Next, I’ll explain a bit about what Twitch is and I’ll name some of the advantages it has against its rival, the well-known Youtube, specifically in its section specialized in video games. What is Twitch? To begin with, Twitch, is a company that belongs to the multinational Amazon, and has been active since 2011. Nowadays, one could say that it’s the service thatRead More →