Why is Twitch a better social network and platform for gaming than YouTube?

It was more than a decade ago that one of the most famous social network and platform for sharing videos appeared on the Internet, YouTube. However, recently (more or less) a new broadcast medium has emerged to share our live gameplay, Twitch. Next, I’ll explain a bit about what Twitch is and I’ll name some of the advantages it has against its rival, the well-known Youtube, specifically in its section specialized in video games.

What is Twitch?

To begin with, Twitch, is a company that belongs to the multinational Amazon, and has been active since 2011. Nowadays, one could say that it’s the service that attracts more users within gaming, reaching over ten million active users daily.

Different advantages over YouTube

One of the things we tend look for the most is the accessibility of a website and its UI, it should be noted that in this section Twitch imposed itself over the company from California. It is very easy know where you are on the page, and also the most popular streamers are shown in the upper part of the screen, furthermore we can also search for retransmissions filtering by the game, the console or the channel, facilitating the navigation. It’s also worth mentioning that Twitch is social network with an immense community, a great variety of content and a great flow of information, which facilitates growth as a channel, since it’s likely that we will have more viewers.

On the other hand, regarding the communication between users, Twitch’s chat moderation is more careful than YouTube’s. Due to a tool named AutoMod, which locates the inappropriate comments, in order to block them or mark them for a later revision carried out by humans. In addition, streamers also have the choice to alter some parameters of the chats of their videos in a very personalized way, depending on their convenience.

A point in favor of Twitch, is the monetization of their videos, since once you have become relatively known, it is more than likely that you’ll start receiving money through contracts with sponsors. In a case as the one mentioned previously, it is also possible to find the chance of associating with large gaming companies and editors, thus being able to receive new items or contents in which to focus your videos.

In conclusion, the points mentioned above are just some of the reasons why I recommend more a social network than the other, in case you wanted to share content related to gaming. Although I think that one is better than the other, you never know if even a better platform could emerge, given the rise that has taken place in the digital and streaming industry.

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