The main goal of jQuery is to make it easy to use JavaScript (JS) on your website. This is the language of choice for developers when it comes to designing web applications. According to SlashData from 2020, this is the most popular programming code among developers. jQuery is a library developed in 2006 by John Resig that allows us to add an AJAX interaction layer between the web and the applications we develop by controlling events, creating animations and different effects to enrich the user experience. This library that achieves an environment where tasks and processes in JavaScript programming are simplified, making it easy toRead More →

Hello! Have you ever found programming. And do you want the image to enter or hidden when you press a button? But you do not? If you want to know how to do it, this is your post! First of all you have to make a button with the class .button in html. With CSS you can change the color of the button the with the hight… <button class=“button”> </button> Second you have to make a div  with a bakground image in html or css you can chose what you prefere. And alsow whit a class for example .image HTML <button class=“button”> </button> <div class=“image”>Read More →