What is jQuery and what is it for?

The main goal of jQuery is to make it easy to use JavaScript (JS) on your website. This is the language of choice for developers when it comes to designing web applications. According to SlashData from 2020, this is the most popular programming code among developers.

jQuery is a library developed in 2006 by John Resig that allows us to add an AJAX interaction layer between the web and the applications we develop by controlling events, creating animations and different effects to enrich the user experience.

This library that achieves an environment where tasks and processes in JavaScript programming are simplified, making it easy to add interactive elements to a website without advanced knowledge of the language itself.

What are the features of jQuery?

  • It is cross-platform C
  • Correct errors automatically.
  • Support for major web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Edge).
  • It allows inserting DOM (Document Object Model) elements in a web page.
  • Implicit iteration. It allows you to manipulate series of elements and modify them with a single line of code.
  • Supports Ajax (technology for creating dynamic applications that run on the client side).
  • It does not need an “extra” technology to be able to run, since the web browser itself takes care of it.

jQuery advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantages

– Look like: JQuery uses CSS-like syntax so programming in JavaScript is much easier. By writing the code in a similar way to how it is done in CSS it is much easier to read and understand.

– Many resources available: jQuery is a very popular library for JavaScript, so it has a large community on the internet that provides many resources such as tutorials, guides, help videos, documentation, and a lot of valuable information.

– It is expandable: This library has a large number of plugins or add-ons to expand its functions and codes.

– Speed up programming: With jQuery you can add interactive elements such as menus or buttons to a web page very easily and quickly. It is an ideal library to speed up the programming and web development processes.

  • Disadvantages

– Loading jQuery files can slow down the loading time of a website and end up ruining the user experience

– Many functions are standard and do not allow advanced customization, so there is a risk that many websites will look the same.

I hope this post has helped you understand what jQuery is, its main features along with its strengths and weaknesses.

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