In this post I collect 5 libraries of effects and animations that will give you many ideas, apart from saving you work when it comes to animating your website. 1.Typed.js A JavaScript library that will help you create a typing animation on your web page. A good idea for a welcome message for your website visitor or to simulate a development console and much more. The library has also implemented a more SEO-friendly approach, as the text you want to animate can be read into the web page from an HTML div tag. 2. Vivus Vivus is a Javascript library to create animations with yourRead More →

You are designing a website, and you are at moment where you have a lot of content to show. So you ask yourself, what is the best option? Infinite scroll or pagination? Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Next I will show you its characteristics to help you know what you have to use depending on your project. What is Infinite Scroll? Infinite scroll refers to being able to scroll through a window, generally downwards, without the need to interact with pagination and navigation elements.  Pros of Infinite Scroll Now that we have defined what infinite scrolling is and have a clearer idea ofRead More →

The favicon is the icon or symbol that will accompany your URL in browsers. The main function of this small image is to help you more easily identify a certain URL.It will depend on the device or browser you use, but as a general rule it appears in the browser tabs, in the navigation bar, in the history or in the bookmarks and favorites sections. How does a favicon have to be? Easily identifiable: use a reduced version of your logo, the colors of your corporate image or any other element associated with your website or brand. Simplicity: do not complicate yourself with the design.Read More →

The main advantage of using prototypes in UX (user experience) is that they help to visually capture the business objectives and how they align with the expectations and needs of users, and thus be able to see if correspond to this satisfaction through the designed digital product. These can also be used in stages prior to the design, as in the case of tests with the corresponding users. The purpose of wireframes to design screens is to convey key concepts. It should be noted that it also has advantages for the customer. In other words, being able to make wireframes on paper helps the clientRead More →

If you have a web page and you want to improve your SEO positioning, in this post I will show you the best HTML links. The pages are programmed in HTML language. In the SEO context, an HTML tag is a piece of code used to describe the searches how to treat each part of a web page. They can be used to give instructions to search engines, to identify important parts of the text, and many other things. Below we see an example of the basic structure of a link: <a href=””>”anchor text”</a> A good SEO resource is to put the keyword that weRead More →

According to the annual e-Commerce study by IAB Spain in 2018, 71% of Spaniards are online shoppers (19.4 million people) and the average spend is 77€ with a frequency of 3 times a month. The e-Commerce with the most sales in Spain are found in the categories of entertainment, travel, technology and fashion.  User experience is key to achieving a good conversion rate and customer retention.  In this post I will explain some of the most important elements for UX in e-commerce: The first impression First impressions are critical for online stores, because it’s so darn easy for customers to click on the “x” andRead More →

WordPress is a very flexible content management system for creating web pages. One of the main reasons is the wide variety of plugins available to add more features to your site. There are thousands of free plugins in the official WordPress directory, covering almost all features for any type of website. It is also possible to get premium WordPress plugins from third-party marketplaces or even create a plugin yourself. Below I show you 5 of the best plugins of 2022 according to their downloads and ratings, for a wide variety of uses. 1.WooCommerce – Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugin It provides essential eCommerce functionality such asRead More →

The main goal of jQuery is to make it easy to use JavaScript (JS) on your website. This is the language of choice for developers when it comes to designing web applications. According to SlashData from 2020, this is the most popular programming code among developers. jQuery is a library developed in 2006 by John Resig that allows us to add an AJAX interaction layer between the web and the applications we develop by controlling events, creating animations and different effects to enrich the user experience. This library that achieves an environment where tasks and processes in JavaScript programming are simplified, making it easy toRead More →

What happens when customization gets out of hand and you reach a point where your website has turned out horrible or you just don’t know where you have disabled that functionality that you can’t find? Here I show you the solution. Reset customizer, thanks to this plugin, you can have a reset button. You just have to install and activate it, like any other free plugin. Once installed, you just have to go to the customizer and there you find a new button, “Reset”. If you press it, you will get a warning that the customizer settings will be reset to their default values forRead More →

Being a junior, mid-level, or senior developer isn’t just about years of programming experience you have. A junior developer can even be older than a senior developer. It all comes down to skill. But more than just coding skills, it is what differentiates the senior developer from the junior and mid-level developer. So what exactly are the differences? 1. Years of experiences A junior level programmer is a professional who has less than two years of experience. If he is above this time, then he can be considered mid-tier. For his part, from the age of 10 he can be called a senior programmer. ItRead More →