In this post I collect 5 libraries of effects and animations that will give you many ideas, apart from saving you work when it comes to animating your website. 1.Typed.js A JavaScript library that will help you create a typing animation on your web page. A good idea for a welcome message for your website visitor or to simulate a development console and much more. The library has also implemented a more SEO-friendly approach, as the text you want to animate can be read into the web page from an HTML div tag. 2. Vivus Vivus is a Javascript library to create animations with yourRead More →

TOP 3 GAMES YOU COULD EASILY CREATE WITH JAVASCRIPT! 1. Maze Game One of the games that have the shortest amount of lines to develop in javascript is the Maze Game, it is a labyrinth where you have to go from point A to point B moving with the arrows of the keyword. 2. Three in a row Three in a row game is the most popular easy game for beginners, and you can create it easily with only HTML and javascript. I will give you a 20 minutes tutorial to help you create this enternaining game! 3. Ping Pong Ping Pong Game is aRead More →

Before showing you the 5 best javascript frameworks, I am going to explain to you along with an example what they are Think of building websites and web apps like building a house. When you set out to build a house, you could create all of your own building materials from scratch and start building without any schematics, but that approach would be incredibly time consuming and doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s more likely that you would purchase pre-manufactured building materials (wood, bricks, countertops, etc.) and then assemble them based on a blueprint to fit your specific needs. Coding is very similar. WhenRead More →

JavaScript is everywhere, and for the seventh year in a row, in 2019 it has been ranked the most commonly used programming language. Created out of necessity, it is used to build 95.2% (1.52 billion) of websites today, including some of the world’s largest, like Facebook and YouTube. Without it, we would not have popular and useful web apps such as Google Maps and eBay. But…what’s the importance of Javascrpit? JavaScript is a scripting language that is one of the three core languages used to develop websites. Whereas HTML and CSS give a website structure and style, JavaScript lets you add functionality and behaviors toRead More →

Si volem que el menú de la nostra pàgina web remarqui la secció en la qual ens trobem, només necessitem una mica de codi en Javascript i CSS. D’entrada, a la fulla d’estils CSS determinarem una classe concreta per quan una secció estigui activa: .selected { color:#ff0000!important; } Finalment, en Javascript, li donarem la següent acció: $(‘.menu a’).each(function(index) { if(this.href.trim() == window.location) $(this).addClass(“selected”); }); El que fa aquesta acció és buscar quina és la pàgina en la qual ens trobem (window.location) i aplicar la classe “selected” a l’element del menú que contingui un vincle cap a aquesta pàgina. Òbviament, “menu a” dependrà de la classeRead More →

Segurament alguns de nosaltres ens hem frustrat intent explicar-li a Javascript que un número ha de ser donat si l’usuari escriu una variable exactament d’una manera, o de manera diferent, o simplement activar una funció quan més d’un element compleixi els requisits. He fet un petit recull dels Operadors de comparació i operadors lògics, que serveixen per molts d’aquests casos conflictius que no sabem resoldre.   Operador Descripció Comparació == igual que x == 8 === igual valor i igual tipus x === “5” x === 5 != NO igual x != 8 !== NO igual valor i NO igual tipus x !== “5” xRead More →