Web servers (also known as HTTP servers) are those that make web hosting possible, that is, the possibility of renting a space on a server to store the files on our site. The main function is to store the files of a site and broadcast them over the Internet in order to be visited by users. Basically, it is a computer that saves and transmits data through the network system called the Internet. When a user enters an Internet page, his browser communicates with the server sending and receiving data that determines what he sees on the screen. In general, a web server can referRead More →

In this post you will be able to understand a little more about the possibilities and potentials of the various types of transmedia formats, specially transmedia storytelling to communicate in a more dynamic way. Transmedia storytelling (also known as transmedia narrative or multiplatform storytelling) is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies and in which a part of the consumers assumes an active role in this expansion process. It requires creating content  that ‘hooks’ the public using different techniques to permeate their daily life, to achieve that ‘engagement’ in the participant, a transmediaRead More →

-WHAT IS SIGNAL? It is an instant messaging and open source application, with emphasis on privacy and security. It can be used to send and receive SMS, MMS and encrypted data messages. By default, the application encrypts the message database on the user’s device, as well as both ends of the communication, in order to protect all messages that are sent to other users. Its initial creators were the specialist in computer security Moxie Marlinspike and robotics specialist Stuart Anderson -HOW IT WORKS? First of all, it uses the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp already uses, with a difference: it not only protects your third-party conversations,Read More →

What are transmedia projects? Transmedia is quite similar to storytelling, which can involve more than one platform. In other words, it could be qualified as a technique of telling a story through diferents platforms using nowadays digital technologies. This is a great way to increase marketing for many different products, aswell as increasing its excitement towards the story. Transmedia includes films, shows, video games,… Its an excellent way for making use of squels or even adaptations. It all originated at the 1960s when Japanese marketing used the strategy of media mix. Between the 1970s and the 1080s some artists of telematic art (art projects usingRead More →

It was more than a decade ago that one of the most famous social network and platform for sharing videos appeared on the Internet, YouTube. However, recently (more or less) a new broadcast medium has emerged to share our live gameplay, Twitch. Next, I’ll explain a bit about what Twitch is and I’ll name some of the advantages it has against its rival, the well-known Youtube, specifically in its section specialized in video games. What is Twitch? To begin with, Twitch, is a company that belongs to the multinational Amazon, and has been active since 2011. Nowadays, one could say that it’s the service thatRead More →

  Evolution of SEO We all know that SEO exists, and we know it’s an important part of business. But we don’t spend time thinking about its origins. That’s why I’m going to explain a bit the origins and evolution of SEO. The first search engine appeared in the 1990, but there weren’t any positioning. As search engines became more mainstream and widely used, site owners started to get wise. It was discovered that by taking some rather simple actions, search engine results could be manipulated and money could be made from the internet. Those results, though, weren’t exactly quality ones. And that is whereRead More →

Community Manager is the professional responsible for creating, managing, maintaining and growing the social community of the company or brand for which it works. In other words that is it’s the professional who represents the company to clients, potential clients or users of social networks.  Also, a community manager is responsible for defending a brand on social networks. They create their own social personality and connect with potential clients. Community managers often deal with those who may or may not have heard about the company they are working for, and thus increase brand awareness.    SKILLS THAT A COMMUNITY MANAGER MUST HAVE: You are beingRead More →

First of all you have to go to MAMP’s webpage and click on “Downloads”. If you don’t find the webpage, here’s the link: https://www.mamp.info/en/downloads/ Now you have to select wich computer you have, macOS or Windows. In this case we will choose macOS. In this step you have to know wich version of macOS do you have. You could know this by going to “About this Mac” section in your computer. Click on the “download” button of the MAMP version that matches with your computer’s. The Download will start automatically. Once you have the file in your computer, unzip it and a Install window willRead More →

This post can help you create a new WordPress website by following this simple steps. First of all, you have to install in you computer MAMP tool. Check out the “How to install MAMP” post to know how to do it. Now you have to open your browser and go to https://wordpress.org and download WordPress by clicking the blue button on the right with “download worpress” written on it, and then the “Download WorPress 4.9.4” blue button on the right. By now you have already downoad WordPress in you computer, well done! Now you have to unzip the WordPress file and open MAMP. Once youRead More →

WordPress is a very useful tool to create webpages but what happens when we are working on a computer with our WordPress and we need to do it on another one? Here you can find the solution! EXPORT  1.- First you have to open your htdocs folder in MAMP, to enter this folder you have to open Finder, then click applications and inside you have to search for MAMP, double click it and open the  htdocs folder.2.- Once you have opened htdocs folder you have to compress the folder you want to use to work on another computer. This folder later can be pasted inRead More →