Hootsuite is a media management platform which allows you to organize all your social network profiles, it’s used by people or companies which have a lot of profiles in different social networks. How does it work? Ryan Holmes, a Canadian computer programmer and internet entrepeneur had an digital services agency, Invoke Media, when his agency was gaining popularity he needed to manage his social networks profiles in an easy and fast way, finding that there was no product offering this he decided to create Hootsuite in 2008. The core features of this platform are the following, in each feature there are different sub-functions one ofRead More →

WordPress is a very useful tool to create webpages but what happens when we are working on a computer with our WordPress and we need to do it on another one? Here you can find the solution! EXPORT  1.- First you have to open your htdocs folder in MAMP, to enter this folder you have to open Finder, then click applications and inside you have to search for MAMP, double click it and open the  htdocs folder.2.- Once you have opened htdocs folder you have to compress the folder you want to use to work on another computer. This folder later can be pasted inRead More →

Everybody use it, everybody knows for what it’s good, but does anybody really know how the World Wide Web also known as WWW was created?  In this post I’ll try to explain you the history of this helpful medium so you can know a little bit more about it. A lot of people often think wrong about WWW, most people confuses it with Internet and that’s wrong, Internet is older than WWW. Without the creation of WWW nowadays we wouldn’t have this useful tool to make our everyday life easier. WWW was created in 1980 by Tim Berners, he was a physicist who worked atRead More →