SIGNAL, a safety alternative


It is an instant messaging and open source application, with emphasis on privacy and security. It can be used to send and receive SMS, MMS and encrypted data messages. By default, the application encrypts the message database on the user’s device, as well as both ends of the communication, in order to protect all messages that are sent to other users.

Its initial creators were the specialist in computer security Moxie Marlinspike and robotics specialist Stuart Anderson


First of all, it uses the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp already uses, with a difference: it not only protects your third-party conversations, but also the service itself.

Applications like WhatsApp, Messenger or Google Allo belong to companies whose business is advertising. Open Whisper Systems, meanwhile, does not do business by selling the data of its users, and this is a guarantee since it does not need to compile them.

However, this promise is not enough. That’s why it incorporates the aforementioned encryption and the latest cryptographic protocols, the most difficult to break in order to protect the privacy and integrity of the messages that are sent through the app.


Signal Private Messenger is available for iOS, Android devices and desktop operating systems. On the computer, you can chat using this private messaging application through your desktop application for Linux, macOS or Windows.

How is it possible that communication is private through Windows, which is Microsoft? Open Whisper System promises that from the moment you click Send until the recipient of your message receives it, nobody, not even OWS, can access the content or the information.

However, the security of your computer may have been compromised by malware or by a hacker. Here Signal can not do anything to prevent someone from collecting your personal information, as it is totally out of reach.


Like any other application, you must register with your phone number. This operation, like all the others, is confidential and encrypted by default by the application. No one will access your phone number, which will only be used to confirm that there is a person behind the registration request. You don’t need an email o information about yourself, only the phone number.

The most normal thing is that you have few or no active contacts when you start using Signal. On your part is to convince your friends to use Signal, the alternative to WhatsApp secure messaging, encrypted and private.


The real difference between Signal Private Messenger and other messaging applications is the use of encryption and mime for its users. It is equally iron, at least, to the others, but it is for everyone. with the difference that in this case, which is known, does not spy on its users in search of data to sell advertising.

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