First of all you have to log in WordPress with your username and password.  Before creating a menu you have to add pages and posts on your website.  When you have published the pages that you want to appear on your website, you can start creating a menu.  Select the option “Appearance” on the left side of the “Dashboard” to enter the menu editor.  Then choose the “Menus” option.  Select “Create a new menu” at the top of the page.  Enter a name for your new menu, for example “Main menu”. Click the “Create Menu” button.        Now you can add the itemsRead More →

Community Manager is the professional responsible for creating, managing, maintaining and growing the social community of the company or brand for which it works. In other words that is it’s the professional who represents the company to clients, potential clients or users of social networks.  Also, a community manager is responsible for defending a brand on social networks. They create their own social personality and connect with potential clients. Community managers often deal with those who may or may not have heard about the company they are working for, and thus increase brand awareness.    SKILLS THAT A COMMUNITY MANAGER MUST HAVE: You are beingRead More →