User experience is defined as the overall experience of a person when using a product (such as a website), specifically referring to how easy or pleasing the product is to use. Digital user experience encompasses all aspects of a person’s interaction with your web or mobile siteincluding behavior, actions, perceptions and satisfaction. Putting an emphasis on user experience will not only benefit your customers but will consequently deliver results for your company. Implementing strategic digital marketing campaigns and key SEO components might be the foundation of online success, however, if users are not engaging with the content on your website, results will be limited. ForcefullyRead More →

Instead of social networking for exposure, you may want to consider social networking for fellowship. Find other artists who share your passions, your goals, and yes, even your doubts and insecurities. The enthusiasm, guidance, and commiseration that you’ll find can work wonders for your creativity — especially when you’re feeling blocked. For Creative Writing: Goodreads Goodreads is clearly the #1 social network for readers. It’s packed full of features that make it easy to do things like: find new books to read, track and organize all of the books you’ve already read, and even get notified when books on your wishlist go on sale. ButRead More →

 What is a form? They have been used for many years to enter data and send important information from one place to another. Specifically, contact forms are an integral part of most websites, as it is the main way visitors have to communicate with the webmaster. Forms are the kind of elements that every website sooner or later needs to use, since it is the only possible way to send structured information and store it correctly on a web page.   How to create a custom forms in WordPress?? To create a custom form, you will need to install it using a plugin. In ourRead More →

In this post you will be able to understand a little more about the possibilities and potentials of the various types of transmedia formats, specially transmedia storytelling to communicate in a more dynamic way. Transmedia storytelling (also known as transmedia narrative or multiplatform storytelling) is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies and in which a part of the consumers assumes an active role in this expansion process. It requires creating content  that ‘hooks’ the public using different techniques to permeate their daily life, to achieve that ‘engagement’ in the participant, a transmediaRead More →