Which one fits better in your business: Instagram or Pinterest?

·Pinterest or Instagram, which one to choose?

Since they were created eight years ago, both have become two of the most popular social networks focused on photography. Nowadays more and more businesses contemplate the option of implementing it as a marketing and promotion strategies, especially thanks to the possibilities offered by these platforms in terms of storytelling and the increase of the audience through the use of high quality images of the product or the brand.

One of the biggest differences between them is that Instagram has approximately 400 million users, almost four times more than the number of Pinterest. However, i’t doesn’t necessarily makes Instagram the right choice.

·Instagram increases recognition

Once you post a photo, simultaneously you’re connecting with a large number of people and different groups users. In addition, you can upload your videos, edit photos using filters and publish them with descriptions (including tags, in order to filter the searches).

Unlike Pinterest, Instagram focuses much more on social interaction. If you have an Instagram account, you’ll be able to stay in touch with a greater number of users. On Instagram it’s not guaranteed that the links published there generate a high traffic to the website itself. The greatest benefit of Instagram is the opportunity to strengthen the brand in the minds of users.

·Pinterest generates traffic to websites

Pinterest boards can be classified by pins, which are categorized by themes. And so, it’s essential to pay attention to the audience: unlike Instagram, most followers are unknown people.

Another difference is the quality of the images: the main focus of Pinterest are high quality professional images, that’s why it doesn’t include tools to edit them.

On Pinterest isn’t possible to upload videos, although these can be linked in messages. This way makes it possible to link your website or your online store, thus generating direct traffic to the web. Pinterest also offers paid advertising, named promoted pins allow to promote certain pins to be shown to a group of determined users at a high price.


It isn’t recommendable to create a Pinterest account if you do not have access to high quality images, because the competition on this platform is too high. On the other hand, success on Instagram depends a lot on the generation of influential and lasting contacts. In conclusion, if you are thinking of developing marketing strategies in any of the social networks of photography that exist today, the only essential condition is that you have products or services that can be advertised through images.

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