Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which streaming service is better?

Apple Music is the streaming music service from Apple, the direct and strongest competitor to Spotify. It  started a few years ago, taking a risk due to the high use of piracy. However, now it’s installed by default on every iPhone and iPad, this decision provides a certain competitive towards Spotify.

Unlike Spotify, the free version of Apple Music isn’t as polished as it should be, but if you like music and don’t mind to paying to take away your advertising and enjoy all the options of Spotify, maybe you should also consider Apple Music. So, I’m going to compare both streaming services, pointing their pros and cons in the aspects of music catalog, price and audio quality:

·Musical catalog

Apple has a huge library, it contains more than 45 million songs, although we can access to more than 30 million. Approximately the same volume of songs that can be found on Spotify.

An advantage of Apple Music over Spotify is that you can have your own songs ripped from CDs or downloaded from iTunes, so you can listen to everything on the same site.


Although there’s a free version of both platforms, Apple’s service is quite limited, on the contrary Spotify free service is more enjoyable, because you’re able to create your own playlists and skip some songs, however It’s plenty of publicity . On the other hand, Spotify trial lasts two months and Apple Music just one more.

In both cases, if you want to enjoy all the functions and the best audio quality, you will have to pay 9,99€ per month.

Both Spotify and Apple Music have discounts in certain cases: if you are a student, for a family…etc.

·Audio quality

The audio quality of Apple Music is 256kbps, whether you are a premium user or you use it for free. This has its advantages and disadvantages, because Spotify premium users enjoy 320kbps, but only 160kbps if they don’t pay.


Apple’s music huge library, the quality of its audio, the integration with Siri and the section of Conecta, which allows you to interact with your favorite artists are his biggest assets compared to a Spotify that is easily compatible with everything.

On the contrary, if you are sure that you are not going to pay for this service, do not even think about it, Spotify today is the best option by far. However, you cannot import lists from one place to another.

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