Vero vs Instagram

What is Vero?

In the world of social media platforms there are some big fish thats is at least risky to go against them. And yet a tiny platform called Vero has done it. Well, tey try it.

All though Vero isn’t even a new thing. It has alreaddy three years. And yet, for one day to the other having a modest 150,000 downloads to nearly 3 million. Triggering everyone’s curiosity.

Some of the strengths of the app:

·Vero app comes without ads

·Posts are showing up in a chronical way

·Everybody gets the same visibility and therefor the same chance to grow

·No ads to pay and no bans for liking or following

·Blogger can put links to drive traffic to their blog

·New community – full of positive energy and spirit of optimism

·Don`t miss the chance to be one of the “at the very beginning members”

How exactly is it different from other social networking apps?

Vero is, in many ways, a mixture of various platforms. The design of te news feed looks similar to Facebook but there’s also an emphasis on photos, videos of Instagram.

The main difference is that the Vero feed is in chronological order and doesn’t contain annoying paid-for ads. This doesn’t mean it’s completely free of advertising. Unlike Instagram, companies can link to external sites using Vero and can pay for a “buy now” button. It’s an ad, andd yet not. And also you can also publish books, movies and TV shows you’ve been watching and more.

The dark side of Vero

There are reasons to suspect? Between the defaults and labor exploitation (31,000 workers sued the company for not paying their salaries), the Russian connection (fears of false news and information manipulation from countries outside of Russia) and peculiar privacy terms … well … none?

To register on Vero it is necessary to give your name, a valid email address and a telephone number. That’s not the problem, the problem is that Vero’s terms and conditions stipulate that all the content you dump belongs to the social network, and that it can make use of your name or image without your permission or knowledge.

Basicaly, if you are a photographer, designer or writer and publish some of your works is no longer yours.

Does this turns the social network into a bad one? Well … kind of? Is Instagram better ?… I can’t ensure

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