MailChimp the tool to make your mail subscription easier! Mailchimp for WordPress is a popular WordPress pluguin for creating a list of subscribers for your Mailchimp account. The free versions allows you to create a list of up to 2000 subscribers! Creating a subscription form with this plugin is easy. This intuitive interface offers a lot of pre-designed fields. All you have to do is select the ones you want to display on the form, and ut wukk show you a preview of the form, although the code view is also very useful to reorganize the structure or modify the predefined texts. The free versionRead More →

Best plugin for your Ecommerce There are a more than 50,000 plugins for WordPress to help your bussines grow, but we have research the most useful and must-have plugin to use on your website! The number one plugin to sell your product/services on your wesite is WooCommerce. The leading ecommerce plugin transform your WordPress posts into a fully functional online store. There is infinite customizable tools to sell everything you need, from digital files, courses, NFT to physical products, cryptocurrencies, etc. It makes you easy to let clients review and rate the products. The best of all is that the functionality of WooCommerce is freeRead More →

Pros and Cons of using Elementor Pro on your WorPress Website Let’s check the pros and cons of using Elementor on your WordPress website! Pros of using Elementor It is a free pluguin! Most of the users can fully develop their sites witouth having to upgrade to the premium version. It have a very wide range of feature. The real time editor lets you make changes to your site and see what’s happening in real time, so you don’t have to go back to other screens. You can edit and view multiple versions of your site (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.) and let you make uniqueRead More →

Opera vs Chrome, wich browser is better? We are going to make a comparison between Opera and Chrome, two of the best browsers that we currently have avaliable on internet. Opera It may be the less know nof the two, but if something defines it, it is that it is the union between generations. It was born with all the improvements and advances that we have experienced over the years. It makes things so easy that the creators have decided to integrate an ad blocking extension without the need for you to add it. Some of the features that we will see below in moreRead More →

How to build and Online Marketplace Are you inspired by the succes of online marketplace like AirBnbn, Fiverr or Etsy? In this blog you will learn everything you need to know about building a digital marketplace, from designing, building to grow your bussines. We have created a list that describes the process step by step: Find a great marketplace idea and validate it Choose your bussines model (prices, etc.) Create a Minimun Viable Product Launch your marketplace to the first customers Grow your business We really advise you to read the book The Lean Marketplace where you can see step by step the process youRead More →

What is a framework and why is usfeul A framework is a work scheme generally used by programmers to carry out software development. Using a framework allows you to smooth development processes as it avoids having to write code every time and ensures good practices and code consistency. A framework is a set of tools and modules that can be reused for various projects. One of the most well-known and used frameworks is Microsoft’s Framework for websites. There are a lot of advantages of using framework for software development: Programmer saves time since he already has the skeleton which to develop an application. It facilitatesRead More →

How to install a WordPress Plugin in 5 minutes! In this blog you will learn step by step how to install a WordPress plugin. Let’s get started! 1. Add new Plugins First thing you need to visit the Plugins » Add New page inside your WordPress admin area. 2. Find the plugin you like Find the plugin by typing the plugin name or the functionality you are looking for 3. Install the plguin WordPress will now download and install the plugin for you. After this, you’ll notice the ‘Install Now’ button will change into the ‘Activate’ button. The next step is to configure the plugin settings. TheseRead More →

What is a post on WordPress and why you should start creating it. A wordpress post is a type of publication that can be created on WordPress and it is usually made with the purpose of a knoweldge expansion (how am I doing right now). They are characterize by their temporary and dynamic nature and they are usually changing and updating to fulfill the value in the market. They are made with a common structure. First of all there is a title, where you must write a catchy title to atract users. And a body where the content is added: Paragraph Image List Videos QuotesRead More →

What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is a tool to help developers code responsive and mobile friendly website with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I regard is a must have for all who aspire to be an efficient developer. What makes Bootstrap so powerful is the fact that let’s developers create a clean and responsive interface without much knowledge and just in few lines. Finally, it is compatible on most of browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Differences between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 There are a really good changes between these two versions that improved the performance and made life easier to developers. Added an extra tierRead More →

UI UX trends 2022

TOP 4 UI/UX TRENDS OF 2022 This is my top 4 UI/UX trends of 2022 to follow. What is UI/UX Design? User interface (UI), is what you use to interact with product and User Experience (UX) is how the client feels with the interaction. “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” Don Norman, Cognitive Scientist & User Experience Architec 1. Dark Theme Design 2021 was the year of a white background with lots of white spaces. Same dsign but counter cromatology, in 2022, dark theme is making a comeback as one of the top UIRead More →