UX Tools to make your life easier! UX design tools focus on the user and how they’ll experience the content. These tools can help structure the information architecture, as well as how someone will flow through the website. After this short introduction, I will tell you my most used tools! Sketch Sketch is a very used app that saves a designer an incredible amount of time to create their prototypes. They have an inmense library of symbols, texts styles, layers, templates, alignment and resizing features. But that’s not all, they let you install third-party plugins! 2. FlowMapp When developing a user experience strategy, designers needRead More →

If you are a web designer or a budding business owner who is interested in learning web designing online, there are tools available online. All you need to do is to search for those tools and take some time out with complete dedication and practice. To make you more easier, here are UX design tools which will help you in learning new stuff as well as improve your skills.   MOCK FLOW Mock Flow helps users and designers to design, and build websites online. This is very helpful for those individuals who want to create designs quickly.   FUSE Fuse is the unbeatable UX toolRead More →