Essential animations for your website

User experience is the process that leads a user to interact with a product. This includes the feelings you have before, during and after interacting with a digital product, this is totally subjective and is based on the perception of each person. The user experience includes many other aspects: usability, visual hierarchy, accessibility… which will improve the UX of the digital product or service as a whole, making a better experience for users.

Instead, when we talk about user interface (UI) we talk about the process of creating interfaces on devices paying special attention to appearance and style of the digital platform, involves all the visuals.

One of the most important elements that make up a user interface today is the use of animations, as they are used correctly, it improves the UX and encouraging a smooth interaction between user and product.

Now we are going to learn different types of animations that will improve the user experience overall.

  • Feedback animation. They are responsible for transmitting to the user information about the action being taken, they can range from the most basic as the reaction when you click on an item to a loading screen. With them, users can quickly get information about whether the action was successful.
  • Progress animation is when a user has to go through a process, it can sometimes be too long, as there are time-consuming operations such as sending data or uploading images. progression of the action, in addition to providing the user with an entertaining element with which he can alleviate a possible negative experience caused by the wait.
  • Upload/Download animations can be subtypes of progress animations, as their main function is to inform the user that the upload process is active. This type of animation is one of the most used, the animations are visual enough to convey to the user that search or upload/download is underway.
  • Animated Notifications. The use of animations for sending notifications is often used. They are usually discreet animations but visual enough to attract the user’s attention and not lose relevant information.
  • Atention Seek Animation. This shows all the possibilities offered by an object so that the user can recognize how to use it. Animations that comply with this objective as a guide to the user, directing him to the important elements of the website and favoring an easier and more intuitive navigation.

In conclusion, the use of animations creates a great user experience, even when the task performing isn’t the most intetresting. Applying these animations to your website will result to a great improvement when users visit your website, this improvement in their experience will make them come back in the future.

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