The importance of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is optimizing a website to improve its position in the results shown by web search engines. That is, try to make your site appear first when users search Google for something related to the theme of your site, mainly.

The purpose of SEO is to have more visibility to get more visits, which can mean more sales or more income in general. There are two types of SEO related to its basic and technical aspects.

Seo On Page

Is the name given to the optimization that can be done directly on the pages of the website that you are trying to position.

Seo Off Page

Is the name given to the optimization that is attempted from external sites to the site that is trying to be positioned.

How to optimize your website

  • See if we have a good hosting
  • Improve the web charging speed
  • Make content viewable with the console
  • Get your website content shared a lot
  • Improve the user behavior

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