Maybe when you own a blog you want to publish all your posts with similar features or appearance. If you earn money with your blog is possible that you can afford templates with post-templates or you can pay monthly ElementorPro, a plug-in with which you can make templates. However, I will offer you an alternative that can solve the problem easily: duplicating posts you made previously:   1. Install a plugin called “Duplicate Post” developed by Enrico Battocchi.     2. Active the plugin, go to the plugins and click to the “Settings” option. 3. Check the options you want to duplicate. Personally I recommendRead More →

The process of designing and developing a web page is a complicated task that it can often lead to headaches. Especially, if once finalised, we upload it to the Internet and it does not go out to the search engines being forgotten. This is due to the SEO.   Whatis SEO? SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engines results. But how we can do it, to increase the traffic in our website? Let’s take a look at it.   How SEO works? Any search engine we use has a crawlerRead More →