How to improve your SEO!

The process of designing and developing a web page is a complicated task that it can often lead to headaches. Especially, if once finalised, we upload it to the Internet and it does not go out to the search engines being forgotten. This is due to the SEO.


Whatis SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engines results. But how we can do it, to increase the traffic in our website? Let’s take a look at it.


How SEO works?

Any search engine we use has a crawler (a programme designed for surfing the net automatically and finding web pages) that uses an algorithm to list all the webs related to your search in order of its importance and relationship.


Which are the factors and how can I improve it?

There are about 200 factors that are checked by the search engine and they change throw the years but this are the five basic factors that are more important and can take you to the top:

  1. Include keywords in your web, articles, title: Think about how people want to find your page and by whose words do you want to be searched. Imagine that your web is about reviews of experimental movies made in Europe. Using “film review” is maybe so vague and there are lots of webs about it, however if we use “experimental Europe film” you are likely to be found by your target. Its power is major if they are situated at the top of our site.
  2. Always upload original content: When a search engine find content that exists in another website yet, the algorithm is built to decrease your SEO posicionment. It’s very important to not copy content that already exists. However, it’s possible that we have similar sentences than other webs. There are tools like Copy Scape that identify if our content is similar to another one.
  3. Optimise your website: Is fundamental to optimise your web and the media that is displayed into it. Google recommends less than 2 seconds to charge your web completely. Maybe for some type of webs like portfolios is difficult. However, we have to optimise our images compressing them. Remember that we don’t need more than 72pp on screens.
  4. Organize your HTML code: When the crawlers enter to our web they read our HTML code and its labels for showing after in the bowser. Is fundamental to use titles (, …) to structure the information and it’s relevance.  Also, is very important to take care of the navigation using internal links for improving the PageRank flow.
  5. Make your web responsible: Nowadays mobile web traffic has increased since never before, webs are searched by mobile phones more usual than by computer. Search engines prefer to show webs that have they own version adapted to a mobile-version.


However, remember to be natural. Don’t intent to include keywords by the way or losing quality in your photos because the algorithm changes.  The most important thing is to create content that your readers will find valuable and recommend to their friends, family or share to social networks.

Maybe it seems difficult now but there are tools that can help us. For WordPress the most used tool is Yoast, a plug-in that will recommend what needs your website.


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