In every web project sooner or later, icons are used. The icons can represent the typical facebook, instagram, youtube… as well as the typical images that we end up seeing everywhere. In this post we will see how we can implement them on our websites. Fontawesome is a repository of icons, some paid and some free. Updated and quality images of well-known brands, emoticons… Fontawesome and other icon repositories help us save time in the implementation of our web project. There are also other examples of alternatives that offer icons such as: glyphicons  (the bootstrap included library) ionicons octicons In the case of ourRead More →

Per afegir un icona Font Awesome en un placeholder has de: Afegir una id especifica, és aconsellable que sigui “iconified”+ l’icona que s’utiltzi Afegir un estil amb el shortcode del FontAwesome que trobareu en aquest enllaç: variables.less (L’exemple conte el icona del correu) #iconified::-webkit-input-placeholder::before { font-family: fontAwesome; content:’\f003  ‘; } #iconified::-moz-placeholder::before { font-family: fontAwesome; content:’\f003  ‘; } /* firefox 19+ */ #iconified:-ms-input-placeholder::before { font-family: fontAwesome; content:’\f003  ‘; } /* ie */ #iconified:-moz-placeholder::before { font-family: fontAwesome; content:’\f003  ‘;}  Read More →