The UX designer

This professional ensures that the interaction between people and digital products is optimal.

UX refers to all those aspects related to the interaction with the user (regardless of the device), and includes not only the design but also the visual aspect, the quality of the content, the factors related to emotions, feelings that build brand , as well as its reliability.

The profile of the UX expert

A UX designer has to be curious, analytical and adaptable to change. Is a professional that has to be interested in understanding problems, in finding out why and how to solve them. These are also key characteristics of a student who wishes to train in UX.

Skills and knowledge needed to be a UX designer

UX has 3 main “legs”: psychology (to understand people), design (to define the interface and product or service elements between the person and the computer or mobile device) and computing. Thus, the person who wants to dedicate himself to UX should know a little about all three aspects and, depending on his knowledge and role, specialize in one or the other, according to the sources consulted.

If you want to be a professional UX designer you need to have some competences. There are two types of competences, the transversal competences that are related to the people behavior and the technic competences related to the digital industry. Following, we can see the classified competences.

Transversal competences

  • Adaptability
  • Analysis
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Interest to learn
  • Open mind to question ideas
  • Observation
  • Critical thinking
  • Know how to listen

Technic competences

  • Project management
  • Information architecture
  • Design thinking
  • Language and writing skills
  • Notions of graphic design and visual communication to be able to make wireframes and prototypes
  • Programming notions (coding)
  • User and context research techniques

Job opportunities

The professional demand in UX has not stopped growing. However, the reason that should lead someone to approach and train in this profession should be the vocation, passion and curiosity for this discipline, since that will be what will really allow them to develop their talent and grow.

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