The revolution of music in the internet age

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This is a new post on our fantastic xupxup blog.This little post is about the close relationship that exists between music and internet. With the modern era, the internet has acquired absolute importance in our society. In music, it has not been an exception.

The promotion

  • Internet has become the main source of promotion for all types of musicians and artists. As well as point of sale and contacts. It has become so relevant to the point that a good influx of people in the network can lead a group that producers contact them to record discs and tour them. The producers pl
    ay it safe
    and know that the group that triumphs in the network has followers and, therefore, commercial shooting.
  • It is obvious that if the material is good it is easier to be successful, but sometimes something not so good or even bad but well wrapped can be well received by the public.To illustrate this there are lots of groups that have been successful on YouTube and have attracted the attention of various producers and record companies.


Streaming and other tools

  • Another of the many advantages that artists enjoy through interaction with the network is that ofbeing able to give concerts without moving from home. Using any platform that allows the use of streaming videos, opens the door to go concert without moving from home. It is a great feat for both groups and spectators.
  • Another possibility that groups have is to be able to hang all their projects in the network, either free or through payment, so that their followers can acquire them more easily. They can sell merchaindaising or even their best themes. This creates a bestial interaction between the musician and the fan. The musician can see how his work crosses borders in which he has not even stepped on. The fans discover a great variety of music that they could not have heard anywhere thanks to the internet.  It is magnificent.



  • vMix


  • One of the examples of software specialized in streaming is vMix. Vmix offers us the possibility of even producing music or videos in streaming. Apart from this it also has the conventional streaming offer for social networks and youtube.
  • These stremings could be released in HD, SD and even 4K.
  • In short, vMix is ​​a very complete program for audio-visual and musical projects, among others. This is where you can meet different needs within the same project. You can record, edit, save even launch live.



As you can see, the internet gives a lot of new possibilities to the music sector. So far we talk about groups but also benefit from these advantages industries such as radio or apps. The radio also uses streaming to share the station on the network. In the apps sector, many useful musical applications have been developed, one of the best known is shazam, which allows us to identify the song while it is playing.

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