In this post we will show you how to design a website so that it adapts to different resolutions of screens, smartphones and tablets. Trend that in English is called Responsive Design.  The goal is to use CSS class and properties to adapt a single design to different resolutions. For this we will base the structure of our website and elements in relative measures such as “em” and “%”. As a result, we will obtain a much more navigable and functional website. -Main advantages of a web optimized for mobile phones and tablets Design adapted to our screen Convenience when navigating and reading texts whenRead More →

The World Wide Web, from now on WWW, is a network of pages written in hypertext using the HTML markup language and connected to each other through links. In this way they form a single body of knowledge through which you can easily navigate.  A web browser is required to access it. It was created by Tim Berners-Lee when he worked at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. He runs the W3C, the body in charge of maintaining its operation. Estructure The website is based on three standards to operate: the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which is responsible for providing a unique address in order to locateRead More →

This post is aimed at the development of apps for mobiles and everything related to the design of these platforms dedicated to the user. First of all we have to take into account everything related to what is seen in first view on screen. All this has to be seen for the user as something very easy to interpret. The navigator has to feel comfortable with what he sees and that this allows him to interact with the app more easily. One of the first points that must be met is to obtain a coherence with the corporate design. The identity of our brand must beRead More →

Hi xupxuper’s. This is a new post on our fantastic xupxup blog.This little post is about the close relationship that exists between music and internet. With the modern era, the internet has acquired absolute importance in our society. In music, it has not been an exception. The promotion Internet has become the main source of promotion for all types of musicians and artists. As well as point of sale and contacts. It has become so relevant to the point that a good influx of people in the network can lead a group that producers contact them to record discs and tour them. The producers pl ay itRead More →