The transmedia projects are based on a type of narration where the story and the way of telling it is told through multiple media and platforms, and that’s where its name comes from. This type of project is particularly interesting because it involves the viewer to assume a more active role. This is an intelligent way to market products and increase the excitement surrounding those products and, consequently, their benefits. Each new piece broadens the story, this helps to consolidate the world where history unfolds. Usually it is mainly counted on a platform and content is added with others to improve it. This is alreadyRead More →

What is transmedia projects? Transmedia is defined as a narrative or project that combines multiple media forms. A transmedia project may combine many different types of prints or prose text, graphics and animation, or work across multiple platforms, such as different types of social media platforms, interactive websites or advertising outlets. One example of transmedia project is “The Human Scale”, which consists of filming a lot of people singing, then using a piano we can play with her voices. Now I explain more of this project:   Human scale Human Scale is an ongoing mission to create a fully playable instrument of humanity.¬†This global collaborationRead More →