Bots for Instagram?

Instagram is a big and social network that is constantly growing. For that reason, there are some people that are getting known all around the net due to their posts and they are called “influencers”. Most of them gain followers through time to time because of the quality or their content (independently of the thematic), but some of them use some tricks to make grow the amount of likes and followers quickly. But how do they do it?

Basically there are companies that create internet bots or “ghost” users and basically they’re used to add more followers to your account (even though they’re not real.
Behind them there’s some kind of artificial intelligence managed by programers/hackers that use it to scam, promote sites or sell followers.

How can we identify them?

1- They follow a bunch of users at a time.
2- They tend to repeat posts from the same links with few original or none content.
3- They’ve been blocked by a lot of users.
4- They use pictures from other users as avatar or they don’t use one.
5- They’ve got few followers or interactions.
6- They’ve got followers from further locations and with different languages.

Their functions are:

1- Make posts that are linked to different sites.
2- Follow automatically users when they use certain words or hashtags.
3- Follow a lot of users due to the follow back effect to gain more followers.

Aside of these bots, they’re known as bots too the tools that automatize your social networks, to imitate human interactions in certain situations.
The user that buys or uses these bots are configured by the same user. Once they’re programmed, they’ll start doing their job:

1- Follow and unfollow users. It can be configured to make it follow and unfollow random accounts.
2- The same bot unfollows certain number of accounts to seem that you follow less people than the followers you’ve got.
3- Bots can give likes per minute in an automatic way.
4- Comments: they generate texts that make sense with the pictures, and they can even post pictures in X interval of time to make people notice you and gain followers.

The politics of Instagram ban the use of bots, so if they detect that you use them, they might disable or remove your account.



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