As many of you may or may not know, Spotify is a Swedish company specialised in music, podcasts and video streamings. Its app is used all around the globe, mainly because it includes a free mode wich lets you listen to the same music you could listen to in youtube but with more quality. The cons are that there are adds that you cannot skip in the middle of your playlists. So… is there any way to listen to music in Spotify without adds and without paying anything?Read More →

Instagram is a big and social network that is constantly growing. For that reason, there are some people that are getting known all around the net due to their posts and they are called “influencers”. Most of them gain followers through time to time because of the quality or their content (independently of the thematic), but some of them use some tricks to make grow the amount of likes and followers quickly. But how do they do it?Read More →