No more Spotify premium without paying!

As many of you may or may not know, Spotify is a Swedish company specialised in music, podcasts and video streamings. Its app is used all around the globe, mainly because it includes a free mode wich lets you listen to the same music you could listen to in youtube but with more quality. The cons are that there are adds that you cannot skip in the middle of your playlists. So… is there any way to listen to music in Spotify without adds and without paying anything?The truth is that there WAS a way to listen to music via Spotify like if you were paying (Spotify Premium) and it was thanks to a hacked app that some programmers developed. Basically it was like if you installed a MOD to a game or an extension but in APP form.
Over the past several days, Spotify has been alerting users that their access from such hacked apps is being disabled — and it’s warning them that their accounts may be shut down if they continue to use such third-party apps. A Spotify representant confirmed that the company has sent the notices to applicable users but was unable to provide info about how many users were sent the warnings.
The notifications read: “Dear user: We detected abnormal activity on the app you are using so we have disabled it. Don’t worry — your Spotify account is safe. To access your Spotify account, simply uninstall any unauthorized or modified version of Spotify and download and install the Spotify app from the official Google Play Store.”
The message concludes, “If we detect repeated use of unauthorized apps in violation of our terms, we reserve all rights, including suspending or terminating your account.”
As of the end of 2017, Spotify reported 159 million monthly active users total, and 71 million paying premium subscribers.

So it seems that a bunch of the rest were using hacked apps to have premium resources, and that’s causing loss to the company.


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