Hi everybody! Nowadays in the information and internet world companies need now more than ever the work of a community manager who manages their social media. The community manager is in charge of creating, running and organizing all the online aspects of the company. It’s the one who gives the brand visibility, builds an interest to the point where it can achieve connections around the internet and social media platforms. It’s main functions are: -Create attractive content with good quality. -Run the company’s blog and it’s social media. -Know their target and the most active hours. -Monitor every publication. -Form an interest and create connectionsRead More →

Hello! In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create a dropdown menu using HTML/and CSS only. STEP 1 First of all we have to open the program and create the folder with HTML and CSS files. STEP 2 We can continue creating the HTML basic structure.   STEP 3 First of all we should create a div <header> inside this div we are going to put all out content. The content of our div will be a list <ul> and this list we will use sublist <li>. We can use as many labels as we want.   STEP 4 When we haveRead More →

How to create a sucessfull App. In order to develop a successful App, it is very important  to take into account the User Experience ,this can determine the success or the failure of the App. We live in a fast moving world where things are constantly changing and we receive loads of information every day. One thing I realize about the young generations is that they are very impatient; they don’t like to wait and they need many incentives. A good example to show this fact is to have a look at how  they play videogames: in the past videogames had long stories full of cinematics, but nowadays the majorityRead More →