How to create a sucessfull App.

How to create a sucessfull App.

In order to develop a successful App, it is very important  to take into account the User Experience ,this can determine the success or the failure of the App.

We live in a fast moving world where things are constantly changing and we receive loads of information every day. One thing I realize about the young generations is that they are very impatient; they don’t like to wait and they need many incentives. A good example to show this fact is to have a look at how  they play videogames: in the past videogames had long stories full of cinematics, but nowadays the majority of Videogames offer more emotions and constant action, without stop, without pauses and practically without charging screens.

It is very important that the App offers these characteristics; in 2018 videogames and Apss are not about offering a big show but offering an efficient design and fast movements.

In order to create a good User Experience, there are some important points to consider:


The APP has to be useful and provide something to the user. It has to solve a problem and it is very important that it doesn’t generates frustration to the user unless that is the goal of the app.


Less is more. Sometimes we try to be very original and add useless functions to the APP that really don’t provide anything new. It is better to be simple and effective. The App has to be easy to use.


We need the APP to have a coherent design and aesthetics. We have to use the same palette, the typography has to be the same size and follow the same structure in all the pages of the App. By doing that, the APP will be visually more attractive and will have a strong “brand” identity so when people look at it will know that it is our APP.


The navigation has to be intuitive and the interaction easy and comfortable.. We normally use the phones with one hand, so the App has to be designed in order to be used with only one hand. It is also important to take profit of the different movement that we can do with a phone: slide, scroll, press… etc.

Important tips to create en APP:

  • Easy and simple registration forms.
  • If there’s an option to delete the progress made in the game, it should have a confirmation button. It is really annoying when all the progress is deleted just because we press delete by mistake.
  • Fast and easy learning curve
  • Be simple and minimalistic
  • The superior elements in the APP are the most important
  • The main buttons and main actions have to be different from the rest
  • The user has to be able to navigate intuitively  through the APP
  • You should not use too many animations.

The user will be the one who will define that way to follow in the future of the APPs and the user experience.


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