The UX process

Hello everyone!! Normaly when you begin a project, you take your computer, go to your favourite browser and type to Google searching for inspiration or competitors. After that, you start to create the design combining your ideas and what you have seen. But, is it the best way to decide what you are doing? No? How do you start? What steps we have to follow to success in UX? So what design process do I use?

This post is a begginer level of UX design, written for me and inspired by UX designers. If you are new to this world of experience design, I think it will be a good read for you.

There are a lot of theories about UX process, but this is the one we use:

  1. Discovery: Is where it all begins. What do we want to get out of the project? What do our users want?
  2. Definition: Transforms strategy into requirements. What features will the product need to include?
  3. Structure: Gives shape to scope. How will the pieces of the site fit together and behave?
  4. Skeleton: Makes structure concrete. What components will enable people to use the product?
  5. Surface: Brings everything together visually. What will the finished product look like?

More information about steps in further posts!


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