Top 3 microinteractions that improve the user experience

A website with good information architecture, easy to navigate and helps the user to improve the experience. Microinteractions are a great way to optimize navigation and user interaction.

Before showing one of the three best components to improve this experience, it is necessary to define the term microinteractions. 

Microinteractions are trigger-feedback pairs in which the trigger can be a user action or an alteration in the system’s state; the feedback is a narrowly targeted response to the trigger and is communicated through small, highly contextual (usually visual) changes in the user interface.”


The buttons are one of the most popular interaction elements where users can identify that a reaction will be generated, that could be an opening or closing a menu.

It is important to emphasize that the buttons we design must not only have a special colour, shape and location, we must also pay attention to the animation they will generate.

State of the process:

Jakob Nielsen known as “the guru of Web page usability” by The Ney York Times is an user Advocate and principal of the Nielsen Norman group. Nielsen says that the system has to provide information to the user about what is going on at the moment.  The designers have to develop their creativity in this part, but always considering and with the obligation of applicate the best way for the user. This principle is especially important in processes that have multiple steps, so that the user does not feel overwhelmed and wonder how long it will take to complete the process.

A good idea may be the inclusion of a bar with the load percentage, which will help keep users informed.

It is alIt is also important that you receive feedback on the actions you take so that you do not feel that you have made a mistake or that the product is not working correctly. An example of this may be a confirmation message when submitting a form.

Undo an action:

We all make mistakes and many times we don’t realize what action we did. We also don’t know how modify what was done, which can cause a feeling of fear in users.

That is when we must make clear the action that was carried out and how it can be In this moment, we must make clear the action that was carried out and how it can be reversed. Microinteractions can communicate the state of an item and suggest that there are potential interactions to reverse another action.

When we think about the possibility of make an microinteraction we have to know some things that can provide a better use. For example, we have to take care about the looking of the design, the screen cannot look like a disaster, all the things that we want to show has to be in order with the message that we (as a designers) want to show to the consumers. Also, it appears the necessity of think about others designs for different electronic devices. And for conclude we can’t forget the graphic line that we are using in our app or website, the microinteraction has to be in order with all the lines that we use. 

In conclusion, it should be noted that when using technology, we must bear in mind In conclusion, it should be noted that when using technology, we must bear in mind that there must be something that attracts or catches the user, making the experience enjoyable and pleasant. This is where these elements can come into play making a great contribution to UX design.

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