Social Media Manager vs Community Manager

Although we think they are the same, it is not like that.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is responsible for the decisions that are taken at a strategic level. Planify, introduce and coordinate the strategy of a company in social networks. Is the one who takes the lead and directs the actions of the Community Manager. This multidisciplinary professional must control the monitoring of social networks and know the latest trends in the network. And not only that, but to measure the effectiveness of the strategies it must analyze and interpret the data that results from the campaigns, to draw conclusions and optimize them.

Some functions:

  • Design social media strategies and manage budgets.
  • Define promotional campaigns, contests and events.
  • Develop strategic alliances within the sector to strengthen the brand.
  • Design a plan to face possible crisis of social reputation media.
  • Analyze Community Manager reports to see if actions work.


Community Manager

The Community Manager is responsible for building and managing the online community around a brand, executing the strategies planned by the Social Media Manager. This professional is who has direct contact with the consumer, seeking to maintain stable relationships. It talks to the consumer, discover their interests, answer their questions and transmit all this information to the marketing department.

Some functions:

  • Manage a community to establish a lasting relationship with users.
  • Find and treat interesting content for the community.
  • Respond to the questions and comments from the users.
  • Control the trends in social networks to keep them updated.
  • Identify and conduct relationships with brand influencers.
  • It is the voice of the community and takes into account the options of the users to improve the strategies

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