PIXEL ART – First steps

Pixel art is a type of digital art where images are created pixel by pixel using editing software. What is different from other arts is its unique visual style, it creates an effects very similarto mosaics art.

How to make pixel art

First of all you need to choose your software. There are plenty of softwares likes Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Paint… However, every program that lets you color squares on a grid can be used to make pixel art.

Secondly, and the most important one, start with the pencil and line tools. It is a must to start as soon as possible, because you will learn more and earn a lot of experience rather than reading articles about pixel art.

Finally a good way to start is to watch a tons of tutorials and copy them. I will give you a list of tutorials for begginers to learn the basics of Pixel Art.

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