Electronics, beauty, hardware, music, sports, vehicles and more, this is just few of the long list of items that can be easily find across the world in online shops. It is simply that easy! But what makes internet so appealing that nearly all shops and brands want to promote it?

Internet is a great window for shoppers because it offers a wide range of possibilities and advantages that regular shops cannot. Value for money, top quality products, immediate offerings, easy buy easy sell, no crowds, never close, etc. The whole’s offering is at one’s fingertips. But, what’s more? It is simple and easy as the whole process can be done while sitting at home with no hassle or moving from one place to another. In many cases, and this is supported by many studies, online shopping trends to be less expensive and even more efficient than the traditional stores.

It has therefore been proven that internet shopping is “the alternative” to a traditional shopping. But is it safe? Or, is it as safe as it is said? One has to take some precautions or care especially when it comes to payment, starting from not sharing any information regarding our credit cards to using secure passwords that make the life of potential thieves very difficult. A routine has to be to check one’s bill regularly and not wait at the end of the month. Check your credit cards statements and accounts often, particularly during holiday season, when the abuse and fraud of internet is more common. If you find something fraudulent, identity theft or credit card fraud, report immediately to the police and then to the bank or card issuer, as it can be the start of a long list of charges.

There are some areas where the online shopping is potentially risky and this is on public terminals, coffee shops, pubs or public libraries. If you are a customer of these sites, make sure that log out every time you use them. Remember that public terminals may recall your address, even if you are just checking your e-mail, so make sure that you log out completely your personal page or e-mail before you go. If you use your own computer make sure you have a proper firewall and anti-virus and keep changing and updating your password regularly introducing words, numbers and symbols in a random manner so it becomes incredibly difficult to guess.

Finally, an important tip to avoid problems when shopping online is to use safe payments methods that prevent sellers or retailers of getting your credit card details. There are quite big number of companies but PayPal is probably the most popular.

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