Customer Experience and User Experience

Is it the same customer experience and user experience?

Obviously not. However, in the digital age in which we live, they appear many times repeated, and this makes us confuse them.

The general perception is that they have something in common or that they are at least similar, although it is not entirely correct.


Customer Experience (CX) – User Experience (UX)

CX is the result of the interactions that a customer has with an organization during their relationship, such as customer service, quality control … The focus is on the customer’s journey from their first interaction until they purchase a product or service and the posterior support.

UX instead is the way in which the design has been created to facilitate the interaction of people with the product. It is a combination of disciplines such as psychology, marketing, design …
The focus is on the perception of users when interacting with the product or service.


In this way we have seen that the difference is in the relationship and the objectives.

The relationship that customers maintain in the CX encompasses several stages and is usually based on the most human part. Thus, the expert focuses on making the social part of the process more comfortable.

In UX the important thing is the user’s comfort when interacting with a web, app, videogame … The user experience expert will always ask how to do it so that all users -whether they are and wherever they are- can understand it and be easy to handle.


CX goals:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Unique global experience with the company or organization.
  • Recommendation by the client of the services or products to other potential clients.

UX goals:

  • That the interaction with the webb, app, game, or other service covers the needs for which it was created.
  • The user must be 100% satisfied when using the product or service.
  • Find information easily and quickly -the less you process the better it works-.


In the world in which we live, it is normal for most to think that the tendency is to improve the UX part more and more. The ideal is to look for a middle point: we must always think about the human part of the process, although we must also think about how fast information and processes are now disseminated.

In short, the goal is always to satisfy the user/client so that it never ceases to be so.

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