How to get started in programming? If you want to learn the basics of programming language, we leave you a link where you can start with free online courses. Firs of all, being a programmer is more than simply being able to regurgitate syntax. It’s about having a particular mindset, where you are able to systematically breakdown a problem into individual and logical steps, and then recreate that in a language that the computer understands. Keep in mind that Codeacademy will help you open the doors of this world and, from these, expand through other searches and activities that you carry out in theRead More →

YouTube Community, a new social network? Youtube Community is a new release from Google that was born two years ago. It is a new social network, and although it has not triumphed until now, it seems that they do not want to give up. It is an extension of one of Google’s flagship products: YouTube. We understand that it is not another platform like Google+ but rather a great addition to bring YouTube to a social network concept: With Youtube Community, users can add a community to their channels to better interact with followers. It can be said that, in this way, they will haveRead More →

Is it the same customer experience and user experience? Obviously not. However, in the digital age in which we live, they appear many times repeated, and this makes us confuse them. The general perception is that they have something in common or that they are at least similar, although it is not entirely correct.   Customer Experience (CX) – User Experience (UX) CX is the result of the interactions that a customer has with an organization during their relationship, such as customer service, quality control … The focus is on the customer’s journey from their first interaction until they purchase a product or service andRead More →