Hello! In this ocacasion I will show you the 10 most important plugins of WordPress according to many users. First of all, you can take a look at the tutorial post that I made about plugins, if you want to know what they are and how to install them. If you already know what they are and how they are installed, then I leave you with the top 10 wordpress plugins which will greatly facilitate your user experience. 1- YOAST SEO It will allow us to be well positioned in search engines. It offers us many SEO utilities. For this reason it is one ofRead More →

The plugins are one of the main functions that make wordpress a very interesting tool. They help us improve many aspects of our website: having unique features, customize a lot of things, increase visits to your blog, protect your bog  … In summary, they allow you to design and customize the site as the user wants. 1. In the first place we open our wordpress page, and we sit on the desktop. 2. Once we are on the wordpress desktop, we go to the Plugins> Add new. 3. Once there we go to the search bar and write the name of the plugin we are lookingRead More →

Hello!! How are you? Surely everyone already knows that today social networks play a very important role in our lives. So much so that these last years have also become a very important factor in your work. So, you know to what extent can your social networks influence a client? How can I get more out of my social networks? Why it can be important to take these details into account? What are the things I need to look for to make a profit? How can I get more followers or possible future clients? There are different social networks, and each one has its advantagesRead More →