ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service. It uses client-side encryption to protect email contents and user data before they are sent to ProtonMail servers, in contrast to other common email providers such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo. The service can be accessed through a webmail client, the Tor network or dedicated iOS and Android apps. But how is it work? First of all you have to go to their website and sign up for an account. Then you are in. Their free service has some restrictions, though. You only get 500 MB of storage and can only send 150 messages per day. If you upgradeRead More →

How to schedule a WordPress post. If you don’t want to stay day after day posting your WordPress posts, there are an easy way to program all your entries, with an hour and a date you chose. You can create wherever you want, uploading images, files and even music*, ready for leaving them to publicize. All the posts you want, each-one with his own date and hour, with even months in advance! So now, I am going to explain you how it can do. First of all, create a post like every time you did. Enter categories, hashtags, images, vídeos, whatever you want to put.Read More →

Everybody knows about the deep web and the dark web, but does everybody know the deep web really means?   The deep web is a portion part of the Internet, intentionally hidden from the search engines, with masked IP addresses and accessible only with a special web browser. The first conflation of the terms “deep web” came in 2009 when the deep web search terminology was discussed alongside illegal activities taking place on the Freenet darknet   To organise a bit all the net, it is divided on levels from 0 to 6: Level 0 is the “Surface Internet”, where the user can enter usingRead More →