There are many tools or web pages that offer the possibility of downloading the Instagram profile photos, but the truth is that most do not allow downloading the profile photos in full size. Even if we try it manually, the photo that will be downloaded will be a thumbnail, not full size. Next, we’ll show some websites that allow you to download Instagram profile photos at full size for free. Below I’m going to show you free Webs to download Instagram photos at full size All the websites that we are going to show below work in much the same way and are very easyRead More →

How to create an animation     In the quick mode, the animations are compiled scene by scene: a new view of the whole page is added, the elements that you want to animate are changed and, optionally, you can modify the easings and the transition times. In quick mode an animation starts in one scene and ends in the next; you can not create specific start and end times for each element. To create more complex animations, switch to advanced mode by clicking on the “Switch to advanced mode”   To add an animation in quick mode: Place the ad elements in the locationRead More →

The Programmer designs, through a code, different computer tools, such as programs, systems or web pages. What is programming about? While they are generally considered similar to the software development process and programming, they are not exactly the same. A programmer can limit himself to the process of writing the code through a programming language, while the integrated software design includes related tasks, such as design. Basically, when writing a line of code, the Programmer tells the computer to perform a task. Through a programming language, numerous lines of code are written that will allow the user to easily request the computer the execution ofRead More →